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uber accident on road

Not everyone can afford a car to get themselves around town. Uber and Lyft have recently been an industry favorite for providing ride-sharing services. These services have been gaining a lot of attention because of its easy accessibility with smart phones. You simply download the app and drop a pin on your location so that the nearest driver can pick you up.

Many people use both of these ride-sharing services in Arizona. Many people prefer these services over their car if they are going to be out drinking. It is an easy and cost convenient option. However, accidents can happen to anyone anywhere and anytime. You might get in an accident while driving for Lyft or Uber. Ever wonder what happens after that?

Driving for either one of these companies is a good way to make money on the side. The hours are flexible and most people look for Uber or Lyft drivers outside of normal working hours, making it a great side hustle. However, being involved in an accident can cause you more harm than good. Your income is disrupted, and you suffer pain and injury. If you or any of your relative suffer in a Arizona car accident lawyer while driving vehicles by Uber and Lyft, then you should know what your rights are. An accident attorney can inform you of all of your rights. If you want to have a fighting chance against insurance companies, hiring accident lawyers is vital.

Hiring an accident attorney immediately after the accident is important. The accident attorney can guide you through legal processes which involve scrutiny of facts. The first thing accident lawyers will inquire about is your auto insurance policy. Mostly policy providers deny coverage if you start working for ride sharing services. While some insurance providers provide coverage but deny claims, some auto insurance companies provide special coverage to ride sharing drivers. Auto insurance claims are different in different cases, and accident lawyers approach each case differently. Some of the cases accident lawyers deal with are mentioned below:

– Commercial insurance: If the accident happens during the ride than in this case the ride share’s company insurance applies. An accident attorney will only negotiate with the ride share company and their insurance provider to get compensation. Accident injury lawyers will make sure you never have to personally talk to a ride share’s company insurance representatives. Do not make a recorded statement to them without hiring accident injury lawyers.

– Driver’s insurance: If the mobile app of the driver stays off due to any reason during the time of the accident, then only the personal insurance of the driver can be claimed. There is no way the company can be held liable in such cases. An phoenix car accident attorney will negotiate with your insurance company to get you compensated. Accident lawyers treat this scenario just like a normal negotiation because the same tactics apply.

– Both personal insurance and company’s contingent liability: if the accident happens when the mobile app of the driver is on. Then, in this case, both the personal insurance of the driver and the contingent liability of the company can be held liable. Accident lawyers have their work cut out for them in these cases because they have to negotiate with multiple parties. Accident lawyers will have to negotiate with both insurance companies to negotiate a fair compensation amount and these scenarios are more likely to lead to a case being filed in court. This is because if accident injury lawyers can not get both sides to agree to a compensation amount, they will go to court to figure out who owes what. An accident attorney will try to avoid this happening at all costs because they work on a contingency plan in most cases.

If you are involved in an accident, carefully scrutinize all the facts related to the case so that you can give them to an accident attorney to claim maximum compensation for your loss.

The compensation entitled in accident injury cases that accident injury lawyers will fight for are:
– Loss of income
– Loss of future earning capacity
– Medical expenses (both present and future)
– Pain and suffering

Accident injury lawyers are well aware of the important facts that can help you win compensation for your injury. With the help of years of experience in this field and managing some of the most complicated cases, you can be sure that your accident attorney will not leave any stone unturned to get you all the compensation you deserve. If you need accident injury lawyers after getting in an accident driving for a ride share company, give us a call. Accident lawyers are your best chance of getting all the compensation you deserve.