Dog bites are a very serious matter.

Bites can become a significant risk to your long-term health if you do not take the necessary precautions as soon as you get bit. You should visit a hospital immediately if the bite is deep because you may need stitches and it could get infected. Recovering from a dog bite can take longer than you would think, causing you to miss work while you are paying off medical bills. You likely aren’t in a position to just let it go, so you should file for compensation in court. Insurance companies rarely give the right amount of compensation unless they are forced to. Phoenix dog bite attorneys, specifically those at the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller, play a vital role in any dog bite claim. They have experience taking these types of cases to court and negotiating settlements with insurance companies.

Dog bite attorneys:

– Are aware of the serious consequences of dog attacks. The physical and emotional pain lasts for a long time. Hiring an attorney helps take away some of that pain because it allows you to focus on healing instead of going to court.

– Are good at conducting investigations. They will gather evidence, conduct interviews and get eyewitnesses to go to court to testify on your behalf.

When you get bit by a dog, follow these steps to make sure that the wound does not get infected.

– Clean the wound with warm water and soap.

– Find the nearest clinic. If your injuries are serious, then call an ambulance. Remember to take pictures for your case before professional doctors and EMTs start treating your injury.

– Inform your local animal control agency if the dog does not have an owner about the dog bite incident and provide all the information needed to find the dog.

– Collect information from eye-witnesses and get their contact info.

– Do not sign anything from the dog owner or their insurance company without knowing what you are signing.

Arizona bite bite lawyers are there for you when you need them most. Give us a call today if you need a good attorney for your case.