Victim of a Hit & Run?

Victim of a Hit & Run?

Let’s face it, there are numerous scenarios in which you can be hit by a vehicle that is essentially uninsured. I want to address a few such scenarios and explain how to best protect yourself in such situations.   You’re the victim of a Hit & Run. Your vehicle is damaged and you’re hurt. Do you have any options? That depends.

  1. If possible, before the other driver flees, photograph the point of impact between your vehicle, as well as the damage done to both vehicles..
  2. If possible, photograph the other driver’s vehicle and license plate (this may help police identify the owner of the vehicle that fled)
  3. If possible, pay attention to what the other driver looked like (if the fleeing vehicle is later identified, your claim becomes considerably stronger if your description of the driver matches the Driver’s license photo of the vehicle’s registered owner).
  4. Immediately call law enforcement/911. You may have applicable coverages on your own auto insurance available if you can prove you were indeed the victim of a Hit & Run
  • If you have Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage, you can make an injury claim against your own carrier, up to the limits of your UM coverage
  • If you have collision coverage, you can get your vehicle repaired and/or paid of as a total loss (if applicable). However, these payments would be subject to your collision deductible

  You’re UM & Collision coverage are equally applicable if the person that hits you stays at the scene, but has no auto insurance. Unfortunately, Arizona has a high number of uninsured drivers, so you owe it to yourself to maintain UM and collision coverage on your vehicles, even if you own your vehicle outright and/or have health insurance.   Not sure what optional coverages, and how much of such coverages, you should have (beyond the State minimums), give us a call and we’d be happy to offer a free consultation regarding our recommendations and provide detailed explanations in support of our recommendations.





Pedestrians have the right of way …. Or do they? We get a lot of calls for pedestrians hit by motor vehicles. Sometimes the pedestrian is walking through a crosswalk, sometimes they’re crossing a street mid-block. While motor vehicles are supposed to yield to pedestrians, pedestrians are expected to obey the law. Walk Signals at crosswalks show a solid green person when safe to cross. When it begins to flash, that is a warning not to enter the crosswalk if not already in it.

The City or Municipality calculates how long it will take an average person to clear a crosswalk. That estimate is usually based on the average person covering 4 feet per second at average walking speed. Therefore, presuming that most pedestrians enter the crosswalk on a solid Walk signal and will cover some distance before the Walk signal begins flashing, the length of time for which the Walk signals flashes is not likely enough time for someone entering while its flashing to complete their crossing. As such, think twice before beginning to cross if the Walk signal is already flashing. In addition, even those crossing on a solid walk signal are often hit by vehicles traveling the same (or opposite) direction as them but turning onto the street the pedestrian is crossing. This is because, while motorists lookout for other vehicles, they often fail to keep a lookout for pedestrians or bicyclists. Never trust that they see you and will yield to you.

Keep a lookout for those turning vehicles. Unless you make eye contact with them and are sure they both see you and are yielding to you, yield to them Crossing mid-block is always dangerous, especially at night. Illumination is often subpar mid-block. Motorists aren’t expecting you to cross mid-block. Even when a motorist does see you, they may not have enough time and/or distance to brake so as to avoid hitting you. A vehicle driving 35 mph covers 51 feet per second. At 35 mph, a vehicle would cover close to 51 feet during the driver’s “reaction timer,” which is the time required to process the danger and hit the brake pedal. At 35 mph, it would take an additional 135 feet to come to a complete stop. So a vehicle more than 150 feet away when you step off the curb might well not have enough time to stop before hitting you. The moral of the story is, always pay attention and exercise caution, even when think its completely clear.


By now you’ve probably seen them parked downtown, or while on vacation, waiting to be rented for an hour or two of fun. They seem to be taking the place of bicycles for rent that were popular just a few years ago. But … are they safe, and even more important, are you protected in the event of an accident? The answers may surprise you. One needs to only be 18 years old to rent an E-Scooter. The E-Scooter App includes a “waiver” of liability that one agrees to when renting the E-Scooter. Even though the scooter company likely carries liability insurance, the “waiver” pretty much absolves the scooter company of any liability, absent a defect in the scooter itself. Such a defect could be the result of faulty manufacture or maintenance. But how would you prove such a defect. Would you be able to pick out “your” scooter from a group? Absent something so obvious, the Scooter would most likely have been ridden by dozens, if not hundreds, of subsequent renters (thereby altering the condition of the scooter) before you even put the company on notice. Moreover, Arizona Law does not require that an E-Scooter rider wear a helmet, thereby potentially increasing the risk of serious injury in an accident. What if, while renting a scooter, you cause injury to yourself or someone else? What if, you’re injured by someone riding such a scooter? Sadly, you may have no coverage. The scooter company’s liability coverage will not likely extend to such situations (remember the waiver?). Someone’s automobile insurance usually does not extend to cover their insured while riding an E-Scooter, which is not considered a “motor vehicle.” In fact, many policies specifically exclude such coverage. Someone’s homeowners or renters insurance will not cover such situations. Your UM (uninsured motorist) will likely exclude coverage for E-Scooters since the law does not require the E-Scooter rider to have liability insurance and an E-Scooter is not necessarily considered a “motor vehicle.” Some auto insurance carriers do offer umbrella policies that extend to recreational vehicles that could include an E-Scooter. For most of us, our only recourse would be to our health insurance, or to personally pursue a negligent claim against an E-Scooter driver. The bottom line … think long and hard before you rent an E-Scooter, and be on your guard when around other E-Scooter riders.


Accidents have become very frequent in busy places like Phoenix. And the demand for Uber is also increasing, meaning more Uber drivers are getting into accidents. If ever you are stuck in an Uber accident do the following things:

Make sure all people involved in the accident are safe.

If anyone has minor injuries, treat them with a first aid kit. But in case anybody has major injuries due to the accident, then immediately call an ambulance.

Collect contact details of the people involved in the accident. After that consult an auto accident lawyer or accident injury lawyer in Arizona.

These auto accident lawyers or accident injury lawyers in Arizona can guide you in these scenarios. They are the people who can save you even if you are partially responsible for the accident. Auto accident lawyers and accident injury lawyers in Arizona are specialized in dealing with accident cases. There are many more benefits of hiring auto accident lawyers or accident injury lawyers in Arizona. Some other benefits are:

Free consultation – Most auto accident lawyers and accident injury lawyers in Arizona provide free consultation before you hire them.

Contingency plan – Most auto accident lawyers and accident injury lawyers in Arizona work on a contingency process. They don’t get a penny until your case gets settled.

Compensation for all – Auto accident lawyers and accident injury lawyers in Arizona make sure you receive compensation for all your losses due to the accident such as compensation for lost wages and property damage. They also make sure that you receive compensation for your ongoing treatment of injuries.

No delay – Auto accident lawyers in Arizona and accident injury lawyers completely understand your needs and stress due to the accident. They try their best to finalize the case as soon as possible.

Take away stress – Once you hire a lawyer, they handle all legal proceedings on your behalf like filing paper work and representing you in front of the insurance companies. They also do investigations required for your accident case if needed.


Personal injury cases come into play when someone has suffered a car accident, slip and fall injury, dog bite, etc. If you or your loved ones are victims of any of these cases, you can file a personal injury case.

Handling personal injury cases on your own comes with high risk. The goal of an insurance company is to either provide no compensation or a very low compensation. A lack of knowledge regarding any legal proceeding can extremely hinder your case. So the best way to achieve justice and get a fair insurance settlement is to hire a personal injury attorney in Arizona, namely one from the Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller.

Here are a few benefits of hiring a personal injury attorney in Arizona:

A personal injury attorney in Arizona has years of experience in dealing with similar cases and in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws. This will help you in settling your case quickly with a high compensation.

A personal injury attorney in Arizona can help you with compensation for stress due to financial crises and legal proceedings. They make sure that you get compensation for all your hardships, including ongoing and future medical bills due to the accident, loss of wages, etc.

Often, personal injury attorneys in Arizona work on contingency basis with personal injury cases, so they don’t get paid unless you win your case.

The main aim of a personal injury attorney is to help you. The Law Offices of Samuel P. Moeller offer a free case review. They will come to you if you’re injured or your vehicle is wrecked and hare their expert opinion. They also help with investigations if needed to help win your case.

Once you hire a personal injury attorney, they deal with insurance companies on your behalf.

So if you ever find yourself in the difficult position of having to deal with a personal injury, call us today and let us take care of the tough stuff.