Let’s face it, there are numerous scenarios in which you can be hit by a vehicle that is essentially uninsured. I want to address a few such scenarios and explain how to best protect yourself in such situations.   You’re the victim of a Hit & Run. Your vehicle is damaged and you’re hurt. Do you have any options? That depends.

  1. If possible, before the other driver flees, photograph the point of impact between your vehicle, as well as the damage done to both vehicles.

  2. If possible, photograph the other driver’s vehicle and license plate (this may help police identify the owner of the vehicle that fled) 

  3. If possible, pay attention to what the other driver looked like (if the fleeing vehicle is later identified, your claim becomes considerably stronger if your description of the driver matches the Driver’s license photo of the vehicle’s registered owner).

  4. Immediately call law enforcement/911. You may have applicable coverages on your own auto insurance available if you can prove you were indeed the victim of a Hit & Run

  • If you have Uninsured Motorist (UM) coverage, you can make an injury claim against your own carrier, up to the limits of your UM coverage 

  • If you have collision coverage, you can get your vehicle repaired and/or paid of as a total loss (if applicable). However, these payments would be subject to your collision deductible

You’re UM & Collision coverage are equally applicable if the person that hits you stays at the scene, but has no auto insurance.

Unfortunately, Arizona has a high number of uninsured drivers, so you owe it to yourself to maintain UM and collision coverage on your vehicles, even if you own your vehicle outright and/or have health insurance.   Not sure what optional coverages, and how much of such coverages, you should have (beyond the State minimums), give us a call and we’d be happy to offer a free consultation regarding our recommendations and provide detailed explanations in support of our recommendations.